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Oxygen Cocktail


The oxygen cocktail is a drink composed of natural juice, dehydrated egg white without any addiction by "Now" Laboratories plus oxygen prepared by the ZADRO  Bar with Aromatherapy: OXY003 oxygen mixer.

The result: A fantastic enriched oxygen shake. Nice to drink and share with friends and family. Once you have tried it you will be addicted!

Drinking the oxygen cocktail helps you make up for the lack of oxygen that you are breathing on a daily basis. That is manifested by the fatigue, stress, or anxiety that is felt frequently. Oxygen is not Medical.  The oxygen cocktail is a nutritional and dietary product.

 Special for people who have passed COVI-19 and need to recover from fatigue, stress, etc.

Oxygen, the most vital ingredient for human metabolism, is in its purest, safest, and most effective form in tissues. These are some of the advantages of regular oxygen cocktail consumption:

You will get much more energy in your daily life.
More oxygen in the liver for better detoxification
Improve metabolism
Improves the immune system,
Better recovery after exercise, due to healthy cells.
Extended physical and mental stamina and clarity.
Reduced fatigue,
Maximized stress resistance,
Fight free radicals to help prevent aging.

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