Therapy: " Fenshi Universal’



Objective: To achieve the energy state of Happiness.

Instructions: Two People.

Meditating on White: Is not direct the mind as fact until now scheduled meditations. Do not think about anything.

The place should be nice, you can always turn incenses two light white candles always two and listen to some background music without instrumental solo was sung lyrics. Lie down in a comfortable place with a temperature neither hot nor cold rather pleasant.

• You should only go slowly looking item "3rd Eye". To contact your inner world, you will see images and another person may be placed on your side (as is done in the regressions) to take note of what you are seeing, this will be the basis of the therapist.

• In the end, you will leave the White meditation, which is within the point where you "YO" began as primary.

• Without the person is awakened she returns and knows that ended.

• The person (who receives therapy) looking at written words interpret the message, do not worry you will know, what comes to their minds so be it.

• This therapy is to cleanse the negative residuals (dark spots) that the person has and irradiate pure LOVE that you have inside given by the "LOVE OF THE FATHER" is like starting O and give way to the Way of the Heart "(Karma) starting to think at a higher level is the top Crown Chakra that directs and guides the brain dare Pituitary Gland to meet another new permanent state of joy and enthusiasm of Happiness, to achieve:



Love Sea The TODO

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