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EO2-163 RELATOX (TM) VEGAN HA Serum 1oz.

Basic care of the skin. Anti-aging serum, hyaluronic acid, CENTELLA ASIATICA, GERANIUM, GOTU KOLA EXTRACT, green tea extract, MELISSA, MSM, pure hyaluronic acid.1 oz.100% Organic.
$40.00 $33.00
excluding shipping

EO2-166 RELATOX (TM) Earth + Ocean Mineral Masque

Body / Anti-Cellulite / Skin Firmming. Tags: acne light mask, acne mask, best acne products, best face mask for acne, black pore mask, blackhead face mask, clay mask, face mask, light therapy acne mask, light therapy mask, mineral face mask, mineral masque, mineral rich mask, natural skin care.
$38.00 $29.00
excluding shipping

EO2-167 RELATOX (TM) Detox + Firming Gel Corporal

Body / Anti-Cellulite / Skin Firmming. Tags: aloe, aloe gel, aloe vera, aloe vera for face, aloe vera for skin, aloe vera gel, aloe vera gel benefits, aloe vera gel for face, aloe vera uses, benefits of aloe vera, best aloe vera gel, gel moisturizer, organic aloe vera gel, world best aloe vera gel.
$38.00 $35.00
excluding shipping

EO2-168 RELATOX (TM) Antiaging Matte Cream

Antiaging / Face Lifting / Expression Lines. Tags: anti aging cream, anti wrinkle cream, best anti aging cream, best anti aging skin care, best cream, best day cream, best face cream, best night cream, face cream, face cream for oily skin, hydrating cream, lightening cream, matte skin, matte skin effect.
$40.00 $33.00
excluding shipping

EO2-169 RELATOX (TM) Resurfacing Eye Gel

Dark Spots / Sun Damage. Tags: facial resurfacing, mask gel, natural eye cream, under eye wrinkles.
$35.00 $30.00
excluding shipping

EO2-170 RELATOX (TM) SCRUB Antioxidant mask

Basic Skin Care. Tags: exfoliating face scrub, face exfoliator, face scrub, how to exfoliate your face, natural exfoliant, natural face exfoliator, natural face scrub, skin scrubber.
$32.99 $29.70
excluding shipping

EO2-171 RELATOX (TM) Cleanse 4 oz.

Basic Skin Care. Tags: best cleanser, best face wash, best face wash for women, best facial cleanser, cleansing, face wash, facial cleanser, gentle face wash, pore cleanser.
$35.00 $19.50
excluding shipping

EO2-172 RELATOX (TM) Skin Toner 4 oz.

It is to restore skin to its natural PH balance. With the restorative benefits of vitamin C, bee propolis, and rose geranium extracts to help prevent free radical damage and firm skin and refine its texture. MSM promotes deep tissue absorption, hydration, and nourishment. Perfect for all skin types.
$25.00 $19.50
excluding shipping