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EO2-192 Oxygen Oxycocktail SPORT BAR TM

1-The Respironics Millennium M10 delivers up to 10LPM of high-quality oxygen for many high flow applications. -1 Mixer Hamilton beach 730C ( Adapted by Palacea Corp. for Oxygen Cocktail -1 Bottle of Eggwhite Protein with 544 Grs. (You can doing 272 cocktail of 2gs. each ) 2g= 1 Te spoon. SKU: EO2-209
$1,999.00 $1,550.00
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EO2-205- Oxygen foaming cocktail powder Egg white Protein with 544 gr.

Egg white Protein with 544 g.NOW ® Oxygen cocktail foaming cream. Use for making oxygen cocktail (Use for 272 cocktail of 2 g =1 Te spoon )
$55.00 $45.00
excluding shipping

EO2-207 Oxygen Oxycocktail Mixer.TM

This power mixer Hamilton Beach 730Chas a steel cup 28 oz. professional style stainless's perfect for smoothie’s healthy drinks.It is a multi-purpose specialized adapted for Oxygen Cocktail by Palacea Corporation. Use in combination with Personal Oxygen Bar Zandro (OXY01)+ Egg white Protein with 544 g. Oxygen cocktail foaming cream.
$380.00 $320.00
excluding shipping