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EO2-161 Oxygen Inhalation Facial mask 1 kit 3 -Mask

Oxygen Inhalation facial mask(reusable) Oxygen facial therapy is one of the newest anti-aging treatments to hit the market, and it’s been rapidly growing in popularity due 1 Kit-of 3 Oxygen Mask .
$38.47 $30.47
excluding shipping

EO2-164 RELATOX (TM) Antiaging Eye Gel+ Lash Enhancer

Anti-aging / Face Lifting / Expression Lines. Anti aging eye cream for wrinkles, best lash serum organic, eyelash enhancing serum, long lashes, natural lashes.100 % Organic.
$31.20 $29.10
excluding shipping

EO2-190- Oxygen Oxygalaxy Module TM

System including: #1-One “Zero Gravity Chair” Inner Balance Recliner with Vibration Massage #1-One Oxygen Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar 5 L. #1-Oxygen Inhalation Headset. #1-100 Oxygen nose Hose. (Different color). #1- Play New Era Music. (Four Music-therapy song) #1-Oxygen Holder Kit #1-Electric Care Fatigue Relief Vibration Massage Glass. #1- Aroma care. Diffusion to Aromatherapy. #1-Kit 3 bottle essential oil (Lavender, Orange and Rosemary) 4 oz.
$2,399.00 $2,280.00
excluding shipping

EO2-208- Oxygen Set Oxycocktail Machine TM

Set include:- 1- Oxygen Bar generator Zandro 1--Mixer.It is a multi-purpose specialized adapted for Oxygen Cocktail by Palacea Corporation. 1-Egg white Protein bottle with 544 g.NOW ® Oxygen cocktail foaming cream. Use 2 gr.272 Cocktail
$684.00 $663.00
excluding shipping

EO2-213 Oxygen SPA 3 in One TM

The SET include: -1 Personal Oxygen Bar (OXY01) -1 Oxycocktail Mixer. -1 Egg white Protein with 544gr. -1 Facial Airbrush 3Lpm. -5 Facial Mask (reusable) 1-Oxyvator Antiaging Sensitive
$850.00 $745.89
excluding shipping

EO2-214 Oxygen Oxyhair Organic Activator to use with 3 Lpm TM

Set incluide: 1-Oxygen Bar (OXY01) 1-Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush. Our Airbrushes are perfect for oxygen use to hair, cosmetics, and nail art. IMPORTANT!The OXIVATOR products are not included .You must include at your purchases according to your needs.
$539.00 $485.00
excluding shipping

EO2-215 Oxygen Facial Mask Cosmetic Use.

The basic idea of this beauty treatment is to apply oxygen to the skin, also with cosmetically ingredients, to rejuvenate its appearance and create a more radiant look. 1-Oxygen Inhalation facial mask -Only One item.
$15.46 $12.46
excluding shipping

EO2-218 Oxygen Headset for Personal Oxygen Bar (OXY01)

The Headset Oxygen exhaust is intelligently designed to provide the proper benefits without any discomfort or dryness around the nose.
$40.00 $30.00
excluding shipping