The pending Diamond for the House



We are like living orbs, because our aura and have a different color and so on, while you begin to heal all these balancing energies internally, colors, aura, all coming back to your site where it was be, when you're trying to you to put up the purple diamond which is the Divine energy that is working with the Universal Cosmic Energy is working to regenerate the body, the issue is you have to get the base having 360 degrees will to coincide with the vertex earring diamond, when the day comes, they already believe that what is in the body of us is made, the golden diamond are now putting in the coronary is you put up, you'll remove white and place it in water in a pot because the function of this is to transform the body into water crystal molecules (why Jesus was called the Christ) then you're going to put up the Golden Diamond, you know when. When you place the full Diamond in your house you should seal it with force (Put hands in triangle) This is what the old man called THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE because once you place the diamond begins to rotate each in different direction creating 360 degrees, this force is unknown to modern man, because it is the united force that itself has two meanings and two directions this makes that hard work in your field generating health, material goods, and Love.


In this case and your physical body is ready to enter a dimension 14 - 16ava because remember that the parchment violet energy begins to be lost and remain the golden energy as in the 8th - 12th dimension and all phosphorescent golden freezes while not the physical body you are ready, you cannot put the golden pending diamond  in the house.

Now this is working in every individual with a force of interdimensional energy that is not consecrated, that is not open yet, but that diamond has the task of running my own Pending Interior Diamond, which we all have in the mediastinum in a space left between the heart and the rest of the solar plexus, which is an empty dot on the body, but in this case, remember that I said that when a living being in the Universe appears beside a dot same in picture, but we have a body that is imperfect, we're not talking about spirituality, we are talking about energy body from the physical body, with this we are creating image perfection of our body, is like when you imagine something to attract, we are forming this pending perfect diamond out of our body for my creating perfection in our Pending Diamond Inside we have in our body, at the same time we create out of our body Pending Diamond House, the same time we are being created in the body and perfecting our own.

Therefore, in the Diamantine Therapy when you put diamonds you will work within the body, so there has to be quartz and not have to be anything, because they are the edges and the light that is falling on the chakras yours, and you are creating for yourself is not a Master, is not outsiders, now you're in the process of creating it, which is what we do now.

This process of creating the Pending Perfect Diamond  is what completes the Diamantine Therapy, every person starting with these therapies must have one purple, one white and one Dorado once you have put it on the base as mentioned above and must look deep to center and diamonds that are perfect for cell regeneration, a fixed view, the point down, eccentric view and see how fractals are made on the shores.

(The GOD in nature keeps order fractal generation and even in the human body for cell regeneration that is needed to maintain this genetic order this is the best exercise to keep binary code include fractals in the formation of the new Universal I )

That's the perfect fractal for cell regeneration that is going to order the light because the others will look already painted images, however, these are for the design of the cell, but this will order light.



When we have the cells of the physical body arranged, and only then, will place the golden diamond above, we can place under a round mirror 360 degrees, cannot be square or any other shape, the mirror NOT be put in the above process while white diamond because we are under repair, and when we put the mirror down, "what is above, so below", then the mirror reflects the light of our own body, we created the image, and when we here the Pending Interior Diamond  which is the Universal Diamond, it will be reflected in the mirror and the mirror will reflect up and that's when the door opens Dimensional.



Diamond pending We are in the Universe, all of us, as if we were all outstanding diamonds pending means that we do not hold GOD, you can say the Earth is pending in the Universe.


When Diamond pending is turning, forming a circle, he is turning you to you in the field, which is the same that you have made the orbs, and the diamond is spinning and is ordering the cells to regenerate what we take when we look in the third eye, we are absorbing the order, remember that each cell has a code that is different in all human beings, so when we look three-dimensional diamond.

(This is the order you Tálamo expected to change the DNA code so today you can see the 3D is good and you see it or you do exercises to see it because you need to keep time in the dimensional space)

 The same diamond you projects light inward as refractory, inward, which causes the cell to understand your code to regenerate, that's like an electrical transformer, because the real Pending Diamond we've got us into, so it is this is a cure, because we're, cleaning energy, transmuting all.

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