OXYGEN ACTIVATOR"Oxyhair and Oxynail Organic Care


Oxygen Hair and nail therapy is one of the newest  treatments to hit market, and it’s been rapidly growing in popularity due to the numerous celebrities who have had it done. 

All these activators have been developed to drive into the hair together with oxygen inextremely rich in Organic Products, the activator are delivered with hyperbaric oxygen. The 14 of type of cosmetic ensure excellent safe results, in respect of oxidative balance. The oils are extremely rich in antioxidants and studied for diferent kinds of hairs.

They are absolutely compatible with each other: All activator is for use all type of hair. Include if some client usually suffers from different hair problems.

This company "Botanical Organic Products" is considered one of the strongest and most innovative “Green Cosmeceutical, Botanical Organic” and now offers a wide range of products for hair care and body with the use of oxygen as an enriching source for body care provides real solutions to their dermatological needs.


Oxygen Scalp Treatment Machine

Causes of dandruff, dry hair, Hair falling & hairlessness?

It is not only the solid manufactured fixings left by your day by day utilization of cleanser, conditioner and different chemicals utilized for hair straightening, re-holding, coloring, perming. These normal hair issues are additionally brought about by anxiety, hormonal, & metabolic issues that prompts poor blood flow coming about to absence of OXYGEN that offers life to your hair.

Like most individuals, curing these issues is to apply stronger hostile to dandruff cleansers and conditioners, which just gives provisional cure. This regular practice really accomplishes more mischief than great as it leaves more build-ups in your scalp crushing the typical procedure of mending. Subsequently actually irritating the issue.

It offers the Oxygen scalp treatment, to provide for you that enduring cure for hair and scalp related issues. It is likewise utilized for revitalizing dry and harmed hair through the utilization of oxygen with OXYVATOR this is a Organic Products that fortifies and recuperates your scalp, sebaceous organs & hair.

It deals with your hair in different ways utilizing OXYGEN imbuement

It cleans profoundly the scalp and standardizes the sebaceous organ, crushing dandruff and dry hair

It sustains and oxygenates profoundly down to the subcutaneous tissue

It serves to stop male pattern baldness and invigorates the development of solid hair, regularly

It fortifies and re-mineralizes, giving delicate harmed hair what is required to assemble new hair which are proteins, fundamental amino acids, minerals & unsaturated fats.



 Oxynail Organic Care  Therapy is a natural oxygen-based system that regenerates skin and nail working on 4 levels:


 OxyNail Organic Care is a Nail Treatment with Argan Oil Made in Moroccan 100% pure it with oxygen is guaranteed to clear discolored nails treats ingrown nails and gets rid of nail fungus once and for all. It is a nail treatments powerful natural formula based on Argan Oil harvested from the Argan tree found only in Morocco this versatile liquid gold has benefits for the whole body included from head to toes.




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