Oxygen therapy.
Today many people have heard about how useful it is to use oxygen to avoid stress both aesthetically and to improve many diseases, but: The method can not give more oxygen H2O qie i unchecked this is activated once inside the body you can start to rust quickly. . The best method should be the "Mobile Training Oxifeno" according to our friend Dr. Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel Prize 2 times "In Respiratory Enzymes" and "the cause and prevention of cancer," He tells us that:
Secondary causes cancer ... are many poisons, microbes, radiation, foreign objects in the body, viruses and other injuries. But there is only one prime cause of cancer, the one thing that all cells have in common when the cancer appears is "something out of them remove them the ability to breathe, mechanical, chemical and energy". The main cause of all cancers is impaired cellular respiration. For the formation of cancer not only have to irreversibly damage cellular respiration, but the increase of fermentation. Not have cancer without anaerobic fermentation in normal cells. Viruses and bacteria are attacking the body, because this is with low oxygen levels. Radiographs damage respiratory enzymes in cells. It can kill cancer cells chemotherapy or radiation, because cancer cells are weak, as normal cells survive this situation, but damaged structure. Then you can have a latency period and offset the decline in respiration with increasing fermentation therefore soon began again. Stop the growth of the fermentation, oxidation or repair of cellular respiration expected cellular aging and restores lost youth.












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