Exercises to get "The TODO o GOD"

Exercises to get THE TODO

First Dimension.

First Step: EGO-ECO (Break the chain links of the path of the heart or Karma)

Start with arms extended in front, close compactly joining hands fists and smooth movement without separating fists are brought until chakra heart until his knuckles together.


Second Dimension

Step Two: La Paloma (Up rhythmic, the body loses weight)

Again extending the arms forward, now with palms open out and maintaining a foothold among thumbs initiating a movement of support between your thumbs, keeping the time.


Third Dimension

Step Three: The Swan (Flicks)

Now the thumb and index fingers of each hand are joined and are joining the four corners of said fingers while your palms close to the rest of the fingers straight, forming the head of the swan.


Step Four: First:

Project Plan of the Pyramids.


It gets the right link on the Left: Here the desired time remains.


Step Five: Spiral Universal Love.

It keeps making a spiral of music dancing with the deep. To take it to the Sixth Step.


Step Six: The Cathedral of ALL

  Never losing support among fingers, the pyramid is formed.


The hands are placed vertically. Informing the pyramid, a golden gear immediately that revolved around the tip of the pyramid appears.

"This meeting will happen with ALL"


• It should be the full path from the first to the sixth step.

• It can be done sitting, standing ... in any comfortable position is very positive to integrate the practice of Yoga exercises or other ancient practice of movement and concentration.

• It came to ALL through the light body of the Universal picture perfect man and that is why it becomes a vehicle contacted between man and the ALL.

• If the exercise reaches deep and systematic practice should not be surprised that your body is raised in weightlessness because the sprocket is one of the devices that create that state of weightlessness on materials.

• The Musical "Rapture". It is a healing music as a gift to humanity, it can be used positively background for these exercises.




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