EO2-V-185 Kit of Vitamin B 2, B 3, B 5, B12 and Bromelain NOW ®

1-Vitamin B2. 1-Vitamin B3. 1-Vitamin B5. 1-Vitamin B12. 1-Bromelain. These Kit are necessary for to complete the Cell Training Natural Oxygen .
SKU: EO2-185
Manufacturer part number: 1
Manufacturer: Laboratory Now
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These Kit are necessary to complete the Cell Training Natural Oxygen. 

If you want to buy the package saves Respiratory Enzymes (B2, B3, B12, B5 + Bromelain) necessary for the implementation of the Cell Training Natural Oxygen. This is enough for 3 months. Le Ships cheaper than if you buy each one separately. 

If you want to complete seven months add EO2-V-251 to your cart this will complete the training for 7 months.

For more particular information about each of the vitamins go to  for each separate category to the top.

Indications for Use:

One tablet of each day can be taken after the lunch.