EO2-245 Oxyvator Antioxidant Younger Hair

OXYVATOR YOUNGER HAIR ANTIOXIDANT YOUNGER HAIR 4 oz Younger, resilient, glowing Younger Hair
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Younger, resilient, glowing Younger Hair

Oregon grape, Raspberry, Cranberry, Citrus Aurantium, Bayberry, Licorice. Seabuckthom. Blueberry, Green tea.

t offers cosmetic and innovative therapeutic solutions, fully using all natural, organic and unrefined, which offer better quality for the skin and hair, which in turn improves the quality of life for our customers with these new formulations.

All these activators have been developed to drive in the skin with oxygen products extremely rich in antioxidants, activators are delivered with hyperbaric oxygen. The 14 different types of triggers oxygen to ensure excellent cosmetic results with respect oxidative balance of the skin. The oils are rich in antioxidants and studied for facial and hair. They are quite compatible with each other.

These products are not tested on animals and are certified organic. Their formulations are free of parabens, petrochemicals and no artificial coloring or fragrances. These products are registered with the FDA and cGMP compliant. They have quality control of formulations and products. They are members of the Alliance of Natural Products Association and participate in continuing education courses for: OTCO, CCOF, and Organic certifiers, Quality Assurance International, Mayacert and Lacon Gmblt.

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