EO2-217 Oxyfacial Activator O2 Organic Acne Kit #2

1- Oxyvator Acne + Oily 4 oz 1- Clear Acne + Blemish Serum Masque 1.75 oz. 1-Acne + Sensitive Skin Serum 1.75 oz
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You can use this kit and protocol, change the Oxyvator only according to the needs of your customer. Use the rest of the products with all Oxivator.


OXYVATOR   ACNE + OILY   4 oz               Skin + Body  OR    OXYVATOR ACNE + OILY CONCENTRADO 

 Soothe, Balance + Take Red Out

Ylang. Rosa Hip, L-Arginine. MSM, Vit. B3, Vit C. Retinol. Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Tea tree, Lavender, Peppermint, L-Lysine, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Reishi, Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid.


For all types of skin with acne.

With willow bark, cloves, pepper, licorice, Hogo Shitake. Echinacea, Goldenseal, L-Lysine, Lipoic Acid, Arnica, Propolis + phytic acid, this soothing and lightening mask helps regulate the production of fat while fighting acne bacteria and effectively com.

Active Ingredients: Organic Salix Alba. L-Lysine. Eugenia. Caryophyllata. Organic Syzysium. Organic Capsicum. Alpha lipoic acid. Phytic acid.


Acne and sensitive skin

Slightly textured, this moisturizing serum contains hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid organic to combat, bacteria and heal blemishes while preventing the occurrence of future outbreaks. Essential oils provide rich emollients without let oily skin or brightly. With the healing properties of Curcuma, Golden seal, Echinacea + Consuelda.

Active Ingredients: Organic Salix Lucida. AlphaLipoico acid. Goldenseal. Echinacea. Comfrey. Curcuma. Hyaluronic Acid 25% (100% vegetarian approved material). glycolic acid

Your problem. - Overproduction of sebum, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, reddening, swelling, Pustules. Comedowns, cystic acne, Cicatrices, stains and discolorations.

 You’re Solution. - Fights Bacteria, Soothing and Brightening stains. Non-irritating, non-drying Moisture, and Discolorations Reduces Acne Cure and protects new shoots, pleasant fragrance of essential oils, skin with matte finish.


It therapeutic offers innovative cosmeceutical solutions, using all-natural, organic and unrefined, which offer better quality of skin, which in turn improves the quality of life of our clients formulations.

All this activator have been developed to drive into the skin together with oxygen extremely rich in antioxidants, the activator are delivered with hyperbaric oxygen. The 14 of type of cosmetic ensure excellent safe results, in respect of skin’s oxidative balance. The oils are extremely rich in antioxidants and studied for facial. They are absolutely compatible with each other. 

This company is considered one of the strongest and most innovative “Green Cosmeceutical, Botanical Organic” and now offers a wide range of products for skin care and body with the use of oxygen as an enriching source for body care provides real solutions to their dermatological needs.

 These products are not tested on animals and are certified organic. Their formulations are free of parabens, petrochemicals and no artificial coloring or fragrances. These products are registered with the FDA and cGMP compliant. They have quality control of formulations and products. They are members of the Alliance of Natural Products Association and participate in continuing education courses for: OTCO, CCOF, and Organic certifiers, Quality Assurance International, Mayacert and Lacon Gmblt.


 Step # 1: - Always, to clean the area where you will work before starting the Facial. It is essential requirement to use the Oxygen. It is recommended to use an Ozone Streamer.

Step # 2: - Then, to Spray the Oxygen without product with Airbrush. Just it to clear the bacteria’s still remain on the surface of the skin.

Step # 3: -To prepare OXYVATOR ACNE + OILY  and placing it into the base of Airbrush. You fill it leaving enough space to cover with the cap.

Step # 4: To Spray Oxygen with the OXIVATOR following drawing # 1

 (The skin will absorb deeply the product with oxygen, you do not have to cleaning.

Step # 5: - To make a mask with CLEAR ACNE + BLEMISH MASQUE RELATOX   .

Step # 6: To spray Oxygen with distilled water.

Step # 7: -To make a facial massage with ACNE + SENSITIVE SKIN SERUM  RELATOX  to create an emulsion among the 3 products.

Step # 8: - To place Facial Oxygen Mask for 30 minutes. This will help deep absorption of the products below of epidermis, and stimulate the tissues.

Step # 9: - To Clean your face with warm water.

(You observe only some littles remains of the products that it is because they have penetrated deeply into the skin.)

 Time duration approx. 60 Minutes

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