EO2-214 Oxygen Oxyhair Organic Activator to use with 3 Lpm TM

Set incluide: 1-Oxygen Bar (OXY01) 1-Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush. Our Airbrushes are perfect for oxygen use to hair, cosmetics, and nail art. IMPORTANT!The OXIVATOR products are not included .You must include at your purchases according to your needs.
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Tranquil Sounds (OXY01) Oxygen Bar by Zadro Products generate vacuum with a compressor that forces air through the Oxygen Enriching membrane.  Through the use of Nano Oxygen technology, it separates Oxygen from the air and provides approximately 30% Oxygen.  As the vapor is condensed and filtered, the pure oxygen is delivered to the user through a convenient headset.  The hands-free delivery allows the user to relax or work while enjoying the benefits of 30% Oxygen.  Oxygen is generated instantly when the Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar is turned on.  The built-in Timer can be set to run from 10 to 60 minutes.  Relaxing Music options provides soothing nature sounds to further enhance the spa-like relaxation experience.  The Oxygen exhaust is intelligently designed to provide the proper benefits without any discomfort or dryness around the nose. Oxygen Organic facial and Hair 3L pm to 5Lpm.

Oxygen Hair. It offers the Oxygen scalp treatment, to provide for you that enduring cure for hair and scalp related issues. It is likewise utilized for revitalizing dry and harmed hair through the utilization of oxygen with vitamins & minerals that fortifies and recuperates your scalp, sebaceous organs & hair. It deals with your hair in different ways utilizing OXYGEN imbuement


IMPORTANT! The OXYVATOR products are not included.You must include your purchases according to your needs

Warning !!!!!

Remember you can use personal facial at home as long as you want without getting paid for this. If you want to do facials Oxygen as a business, you have to be licensed by the state, and all the conditions established by laws in different states. This is your personal responsibility and Palacea Corporation shall not be liable for any violations that you may incur with the use of this equipment. If you have some questions find specialized personnel who can help and guide you.


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