EO2-212 Oxygen Hair and Facial Airbrush 3 Lpm

Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush. Our Airbrushes are perfect diffusion of Oxygen hair, cosmetics, and nail art. 3 Lpm to 5 Lpm
SKU: EO2-212
Manufacturer part number: 16
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C2-30A: gravity function is double action airbrush:
- Multi-Purpose High Performance airbrush.
- Double action trigger air control.
- Nozzle: 0.3 mm
- Gravity Feed: 7cc Fluid Cup with lid.
- Easy refills and easy cleaning fluid.
- Durable stainless steel.
- Removable handle cover backward to adjust the line of fine spray.
- Spray pattern agrees with the distance between the work surface and airbrush.
- Applications: cosmetics, art one.
- Means Color: aqueous products.
- Hose Connector: 1/8 "with removable cover.
- Includes: 2 cc eye for easy refills fluids.
- Includes: Nozzle Spanner
- Includes: carrying case for the airbrush, wrench and eye.
- Dimensions: 5.5 "x 3.25" x 0.35 "
- Instruction Manual

Package Included:
- 1x double action Air Brush
- 1x 2cc dropper

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