EO2-211 Eye & Temple Massager

Model: EYE03 Suitable for anyone who excessively use eyes, like IT workers, writers, accountants, students, etc.
SKU: EO2-211
Manufacturer: Zandro In.
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Introduction and Benefits
Product Description

Using the Zadro Health Solutions Eye and Temple Massager will
help you alleviate eye and facial strain from everyday stress
allowing you to relax and be more at ease.
The Eye and Temple Massager uses eleven different vibration
settings to help relieve tired eyes from the stress of computer
usage, reading, driving, and more. Massaging the acupressure
points around the eyes has been shown to relieve eye and facial
strain. This product also has two heat settings. Warming the area
around the eyes will help relax the ciliary muscles. Having a warm,
soft massage will relax your eyes helping them feel more
refreshed and relaxed. In addition, there are five different types of
air pressure generated by a hi-tech IC chip which helps improve
your microcirculation in blood vessels around the eyes. Using the
Eye and Temple Massager is a smart way to relax.
Eye and temple massage relaxs your muscles helping to relieve
insomnia, headaches, and other tension and stress related issues.
An additional bonus with this product are the included earphones
allowing you to listen to the provided music or upload your own
MP3 files to the unit.

• For a Customizable, Gentle Eye Massage there are 11 Types
Of Vibrations, Air Pressure, and Heat Settings
• The Eye and Temple Massager Relaxes Your Eyes and
Relieves Eye Fatigue and Facial Strain.
• Adjustable Head Strap Fits The Eye and Temple
Massager Comfortably on the Head.
• Convenient and Portable. Uses Four AA Batteries or AC Adapter.



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