EO2-205- Oxygen foaming cocktail powder Egg white Protein with 544 gr.

Egg white Protein with 544 g.NOW ® Oxygen cocktail foaming cream. Use for making oxygen cocktail (Use for 272 cocktail of 2 g =1 Te spoon )
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Target: Pubs, Bars, Slimming Centers and Spas (Bar corner), Hotel bars and Entertainment event.


#1- 1 Bottle Egg white Protein with 544g. (You can use 272 Cocktail of 2 g. = 1 Te spoon each


 The oxygen cocktail intensifies driving, secretory and enzymatic digestive canal functions improve digestion and accelerates the decomposition of nutrients, about this, we recommend using Juice without sugar or only the natural fruits without pulp. Regular use of oxygen cocktail improves your immune system.

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