EO2-193 Oxygen Oxyhair Organic Activator Professional Care Module TM

The Module including 1-The Respironics Millennium M10 delivers up to 10LPM of high-quality oxygen for many high flow applications. 1 Spray Air Brush. Infusion Hyperbaric Oxygen. Kit OXYVATOR HAIR PACKAGE # 1 1-ANTIOXIDANT YOUNGER HAIR 1-OILY SCALP + HAIR 1-OILY HAIR EXCESS OIL + CONGESTED SCALP 1-OILY HAIR + SCALP CONCENTRATED
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Target: Hair Saloon, Hairstylist & Hair Center.

Oxygen Scalp Treatment Machine

Causes of dandruff, dry hair, Hair falling & hairlessness?

It is not only the solidly manufactured fixings left by your day by day utilization of cleanser, conditioner and different chemicals utilized for hair straightening, re-holding, coloring, perming. These normal hair issues are additionally brought about by anxiety, hormonal, & metabolic issues that prompt poor blood flow coming about to absence of OXYGEN that offers life to your hair.

Like most individuals, curing these issues is to apply stronger hostile to dandruff cleansers and conditioners, which just gives the provisional cure. This regular practice really accomplishes more mischief than great as it leaves more build-ups in your scalp crushing the typical procedure of mending. Subsequently actually irritating the issue.

It offers the Oxygen scalp treatment now with Organic products, to provide for you that enduring cure for hair and scalp related issues. It is likewise utilized for revitalizing dry and harmed hair through the utilization of oxygen with vitamins & minerals that fortifies and recuperates your scalp, sebaceous organs & hair.

1-Oxygen generator

The Respironics Millennium M10 delivers up to 10LPM of high-quality oxygen for many high flow applications.

The M10 is ideal for Grow hair and facial use with Oxygen and other uses that require higher flows of oxygen. It comes with three-year parts and labor warranty and has been professionally reconditioned.

This highly effective and reliable concentrator has fewer parts than similar models and was made to be a cost-effective solution. Its innovative features make it one of the best units on the market.

IMPORTANT!  All these products must be used with spray Oxygen


ANTIOXIDANT YOUNGER HAIR    Younger, resilient, glowing Younger Hair

Oregon grape, Raspberry, Cranberry, Citrus Aurantium, Bayberry, Licorice. Seabuckthorn. Blueberry, Green tea.


Soothe, Balance, correct oily scalp + hair

Ylang. Rosa Hip, L-Arginine. MSM, Vit. B3, Vit C. Retinol. Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Tea tree, Lavender, Peppermint, L-Lysine, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Reishi, Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid.


Goldenseal, Salix Alba, Vitamin B5 Clove, Cayenne, MSM, Lavender, Juniper, Witch Hazel.

1--OXYVATOR        -OILY HAIR + SCALP       CONCENTRATED     Antiseptic + Control Excess oil.

Goldenseal, Salix Alba, Vitamin B5 Clove, Cayenne, MSM, Lavender, Juniper, Witch Hazel.

Offers the Oxygen scalp treatment now with Organic products:

It deals with your hair in different ways utilizing OXYGEN imbuement

It cleans profoundly the scalp and standardizes the sebaceous organ, crushing dandruff and dry hair

It sustains and oxygenates profoundly down to the subcutaneous tissue

It serves to stop male pattern baldness and invigorates the development of solid hair, regularly

It fortifies and re-mineralizes, giving delicate harmed hair what is required to assemble new hair which are proteins, fundamental amino acids, minerals & unsaturated fats.

It’s a new generation of hair therapy, dedicated to hair beauty.

Oxygen infusion stimulates cell metabolism and increases the blood flow to the scalp helping cell generation. It oxygenates, nourishes and strengthens your hair. It has no side effects and is 100% natural.

Oxy Spray therapy is a natural oxygen-based system that regenerates hair and nail working on 4 levels:

- It helps natural hair and nail and growth

- It cleans scalp from dandruff

- It strengthens and heals weak frail hair, bleached and damaged hair.

- It normalizes the sebaceous secretion

-Cure the fugal on the nail and other infections.

A session is 60 minutes.




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