EO2-192 Oxygen Oxycocktail SPORT BAR TM

Include: -Oxygen generator of 6Lpm AirSep Elite. -1 Mixer Hamilton beach 730C ( Adapted by Palacea Corp. for Oxygen Cocktail -1 Bottle of Eggwhite Protein with 544 Grs. (You can doing 272 cocktail of 2gs. each ) 2g= 1 Te spoon. SKU: EO2-209
SKU: EO2-192
Manufacturer part number: 9
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The oxygen concentrator:
It is a specialized multi-purpose refurbished Airsep concentrator 6 LPM (colors may vary) with a full warranty. It is needed in ambient air and concentrates oxygen up to 95% purity and is capable of producing up to six liters per minute. It is an ideal source of supplemental oxygen for oxygen cocktail with 3LPM. This unit can be used as an oxygen bar, facial oxygen or for full body oxygen therapy 

Hamilton Beach 730C Classic Drink Master Drink Mixer, Chrome

Adapted for Oxycocktail for Palacea Corporation

Style with 70-watt motor

Ideal for Oxycocktail, milkshakes, malted milk, fruit smoothies and health drinks

Professional-style, stainless-steel cup holds 28 ounces

Tilting head for easy access; 2 speeds; spindle detaches for easy cleaning

Measures 14-1/2 by 5-1/4 by 6-3/4 Inch; 2-year warranty

The oxygen cocktail intensifies driving, secretory and enzymatic digestive canal functions improve digestion and accelerates the decomposition of nutrients, about this, we recommend using Juice without sugar or only the natural fruits without pulp. Regular use of oxygen cocktail improves your immune system.

EO2-205--- Egg white Protein with 544gr.

Use for making Oxygen Cocktail Egg white Protein with 544 g. Oxygen cocktail foaming cream. (See Video) Use for 272 cocktails of 2 g. Add your car additional

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