EO2-191-Oxygen Oxycocktail Bar Module TM

Module-include 1-One Oxygenator AirSep 5L pm. 1-Table Bar + 2 Stool Bar. 1-Electrical Hamilton Beach 730C Adapted by Palacea Corp. to used with Oxygen Cocktail. 1-Bottle of Eggwhite Protein with 544 gr. (You can use with 272 Cocktail with 2 gs each ( 1 Te spoon)
SKU: EO2-191
Manufacturer part number: 12
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Target: In sports centers and beauty salons. Offices and factories. Rest homes and sanatoriums. Cafes and bars.

--Wellness & Food-- 

The oxygen Mixer Cocktail is a product of dietetics/nutrition, and it is not medical use. It contains only natural ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality. Drink this compensates for the lack of oxygen that can accumulate on a daily basis and which is manifested by the tiredness, stress or anxiety.

The oxygen Mixer allows designing juice of fresh fruit and oxygen cocktails. The result: a smoothie enriched in oxygen, pleasant to drink and share.

The oxygen cocktail intensifies driving, secretory and enzymatic digestive canal functions improve digestion and accelerates the decomposition of nutrients, about this, we recommend using Juice without sugar or only the natural fruits without pulp. Regular use of oxygen cocktail improves your immune system.

The OXYGEN COCKTAIL, is the only complete, naturally unique blend of all daily needs of nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants, branched chain amino acids and pre-digested in the liquid form and oxygenated for a more efficient, faster and better uptake into the body.


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