EO2-187 Oxygen Oxyfacial Professional Care SET

Set Included: -1 System including oxygen Generator 10L pm -1 O2 Air Brush -36 Oxygen Inhalation mask.(Disposable) -1B Skin Act.O2 Activator Skin Brightening with vitamin C 8 oz. -1B O2 Activator with Collagen 8 oz. -1B O2 Activator with lavender 8oz. -1B O2 Activator DETOX (Acné) 8 oz.
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Manufacturers: OxyPalacea , SkinAct
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Target: Beauty Centers, Beauty Clinics, and Spas.

Oxygen facials are designed to deliver oxygen to your skin in the form of a mist, mask, gel or facial cream, and work on the basis that if oxygen in the body is good for your skin, then applying it directly to the surface of the skin is even better.

Some claim that if you want to remain to look young for as long as possible, then this type of treatment is necessary because oxygen levels in the facial tissues naturally decline with age due to worsening blood circulation by helping to restore these O2 levels, you can help to improve the health of your skin and delay the signs of aging. 

Oxygen facial therapy claims to infuse oxygen into the skin. For a non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatment these are quite some impressive benefits!

An Oxygen facial is usually carried out with a small pen-like device called an Oxygum. When placed on the face, the Oxygum blast pure oxygen, also known as hyperbaric oxygen, at high pressure into the epidermis. The uppermost layer of the skin.

Most oxygen facial therapy treatment also uses some kind of anti-aging serum, as it’s believed that oxygen can be used as a delivery mechanism to enhance the absorption of ingredients which are beneficial to the skin. Then the Oxygum can also contain a variety of anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamins, antioxidants nutrient extracts, botanicals, minerals, and moisturizers, which will then be placed into your skin along with the oxygen.

At high pressure, this anti-aging can reach deeper into the epidermis, where it can then be absorbed more effectively and produce greater beneficial effects.

In addition, oxygen itself can also be used to kill bacteria, and so it can be useful for helping to give the skin a clearer looking complexion or for treating skin disorders such as acne.



As normally, the results from your first treatment session will last for about seven days.

Is recommended repeat of 6 to 8 treatment session, you use one o two times for week after this period, results can last for 1-3 months, although most beauty therapists recommend having a once monthly maintenance treatment to maintain your results.

What does the treatment Feel Like?

Most people describe an oxygen facial as feeling like someone using a mini pressure washer to spray a cool liquid on their face.

Of course, being a nonsurgical and non-invasive treatment, an oxygen facial it isn’t painful. But if you have microdermabrasion carried out before your facial, then that may cause a little discomfort.

The plumpness of your skin will also help to face out the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines producing a similar, although not as dramatic, effect as you would get from having Botox.

 You should also notice an improved color and glowing radiance to your skin, with a clearer complexion due to increased blood circulation and higher tissue oxygenation level.

Unlike most beauty treatments, you can apply makeup almost immediately after your treatment is over. So there is no downtime after your facial.





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