"Diamantin Therapy".


 "Before we were born once, now are born every day, every minute, everysecond. "....

          Divine Swan Lorin.


Objective Diamantina Therapy.


The Diamantina therapy comes to man at a time can use it properly, before that it was impossible to give the result you can get today. The man has gone through an evolutionary process where your consciousness has needed to change his performance. Let's usefulness and can really take in each and every one of those who submit to it.

Then explain that this is Diamantina Therapy:

In the very recent past period man has come to know first, how to open, operate and certain mechanisms by which the chakras or energy centers activated photoelectric body assembly work. When put and postpone diamonds of different colors in the farms, they start to rotate with a perpetual motion energy create vortices can transform all interior lighting network states photoelectric flowing through the spine and conjugant upper body with all interior and exterior areas starting an activation process necessary for cell regeneration. The main goal of therapy is to regenerate the Pituitary Gland, through the "Crown Chakra". The pineal gland is going to deliver to the Pituitary new information with a binary light code to regenerate these chakras when entering activation. This information was not received before, but now, given the level with the man who is living in the 4th Dimension Universal item-objective, although not aware of this. Today man has new forces due to the presence in it of the 8th Dimension pattern or Universal Knowledge FORCE. Among them is the Molecular Resonance will act at all times to install memory in each cell by a new DNA in a Super-luminous order, with 12 strands, with six strands, its 144 genes and 64 codons and amino acids. Changes also occur in mitochondrial DNA causing the realignment of atomic structure perpetually sustained by the frequency of Molecular Resonance What is programmed into your cellular memory is born and die. Now you have to install the order for Immortality and for that you need a new information. . The physical body has been living under a biological regulation of birth and death. This is an order, a regulation in the human body, that is, how it comes, as it forms. The body needs a new information to change your system. This new information is stored within the pituitary gland. All this information is activating an electro-chemical cells that receive information from the "golden power" that reaches the pituitary through the "Crown Chakra". Previously you could not achieve because the biological rhythm of the body was different. Now you can make and accelerate the time period in cell regeneration.


(Colored diamonds and a trained therapist are used)

DIAMANTINA THERAPY is a very good therapy because it helps clean a variety of things that may have been left behind in the unconscious of man, from the experiences in other incarnations and their effect on the chakras. In this therapy, diamonds work with a physical burden, helping the person to work on their own network. Sometimes people try and fail at the time, but when you least think you will succeed; is when the Pituitary Gland is activated. In fact there will be people in the world will not do any of these therapies and will feel the gland are activated. This is a fact of the human race but if you participate consciously in this process will achieve your cellular regeneration, your good health, a better quality of life and the possibility that we are still here we can get hold of the Immortality of the physical body, without to separate us from our loved ones.


1. Feel the blood flowing quickly

2. Accelerating your heart rate (pulse).

3. Species electricity through the body.

4. Certain entumición somewhere in the body even at rest.

This reaction is not necessarily repeated each time the therapy is done. Symptoms are felt in the time of entering the order; at that time is that the body feels the change. This results in the TALAMO also active. When the thalamus is activated will feel beats. When you feel some electric energy in the body is that since you activated all the chakras. Emotion is the force that makes the heart beat faster. At that point where the heart accelerates your pulse because you contacting with Universal Press getting in tune and harmony in the frequency of UNIVERSAL LOVE. This will quickly feel some people who are sensitive to energies. Not everyone has this feeling awake, but feel like it or not, is beating or pressing. This applies to both the therapist and the patient. Not necessarily in the first time the pituitary and thalamus have to be activated, because they are activating the chakras and there are times that people still have to be harmonized energy problems before receiving the information. Not everyone when it comes to shop therapy, is the person who is ready. Therapy will help to accelerate this process.

In this structure we use the Diamantina Therapy DIAMOND precisely because the faces and edges having, glass stone is going to give volume to the body, changing water, energy and all in one ALL. There used geometric figures that had much effect in humans, such as the triangle, square and cube; Cross also played an important role in a while. As the man was evolving, all those left behind ANGLES. Today and in the future of man forms must be rounded and DIAMOND is the one with the power to rounding function that allows EARRING DIAMOND is a geometric figure that having many edges and still be conical and elliptical, has forces that lead to the center axis and these forces have the power to change all this internal system in the human being.

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