The Dance of the Sun.


 The fusion to occur must be activated before Violet energy can also be called as The Cryptic Violet flame or flame, as it marks the third dimension as a man who can call you not recognize that name. And as the Being perfect Dorada, or Golden called Messianic Sun which gives the essence of creating all this accomplished, allows performing the reaction as cosmic energy or white fusion energy. Since all human beings can look directly at the sun just repeating this phrase:
20:12 After the year is coming strong radiation to the Earth or the product of this alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. So the people now look to the Sun should wear dark glasses to protect their eyes. Note that the brightness is unusual both day and night, and this is due to radiation during the day the sun is much brighter because Thunderbolt is already coming from the center of the galaxy. At night they can be set to any of both light trucks, such as traffic lights, street lights, stars, etc.. and may realize the unusual brightness we talked about earlier. Because of this change, Justina advised not look at the sun without dark glasses and especially if they wish to SUNDANCE always do not forget to use them.

 First, read or say the phrase and immediately stare at the Sun Evening Sun corresponds to the West and the East rising sun to do it when appropriate according to where they live. It is better not to do at noon because the sun's position above makes them an awkward position, it is best when about 60 to 45 degrees, no clouds ahead. Be relaxed and calm and his face did not need to blink or close and open the eye, can have as magnifying glasses or contact lenses increase does not hurt, the Sun will become as a White moon, cold circular patterns is what some people have already seen call SUNDANCE.

 A phenomenon that had happened so far created by Mother Mary. Then two hands appear around the whole Violet energy, put in your heart chakra is in the middle of the chest and the light penetrates your inner energy and then the Golden appears. "NO FEAR, TRUST", change the view and looking skyward elsewhere and see the sun only shines in place, that will show you the magnetic field that made you both damage to eyesight is gone. They can watch you for 45 minutes from the change, look at the time. If scientists want to know more this happens because the iodine has changed the sun when frozen by the cold fusion Freezing degrees Iodine sublimates giving violet and this combination acts chemical fluid to the Golden permanence created by Phosphorescence the presence of sulfur. If you want more demonstrations will be used at that time anything of the traditional can be a pyramid of glass or other material that serves to break the range of rainbow colors that may find that during the duration of the change only prism sunlight BE NO OTHER GOLD AND PURPLE COLOR. After that for a while where you see sunlight or another white guy these energies will be screened in its change Violet or Golden.

What is today "bearer of Violet Flame"?
All person viewing the Sun Dance carrier becomes the Violet Flame energy state necessary to receive the Golden Energy with its 3 rings it has the binary code of cell regeneration and this is very important for the Immortality of the physical body.

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