Alternative Medicine.


Alternative Medicine. "Replacement Therapy."

Dear mine, I am the voice of experience, today, and all the days from today, are a very special day in the life of man. Today we need physical changes in man for his future life. “Cell Training with the O2 “starts with a change in human health that transforms your daily life in a countdown for the "LIVE FOREVER" To make this happen, there are to heal to the hill and revive the human body and place- time. You have lived under a cycle of birth and death until today. Today begins for all living a new planetary experience of love, solutions, and happiness. The men are coming and going on in your world, it has caused of biological unbalanced. The scientists today have developed a medical need to which could be called "maintenance and recovery of life", but that comes to the end. Now medical science has to urgently open new fields and these fields are very practical and do not need experimentation. Where experiment your medicines the ancient Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, etc.?   The human body is a perfect laboratory. Nothing could a man do to change the body mechanism.S top to limit the human function to the single resolution going the problems presented in the mechanism of the body, but that should work for itself under a new type of "Alternative Medicine" called "REPLACEMENT THERAPY." Why is replacement therapy? It is that any function of the body must be corrected by the same body. Example: If a person has high cholesterol "does not address the idea to lower cholesterol, but yes, as a result, which standardizes the implementation of the physiological and chemical operation that creates cholesterol, needed for the functioning of the body. This is called "Replacement Therapy" and is the way to solve the health problems those men have. Other situations will be appearing with the application of these concepts because as the body to regain its function will have new things to help the systematic function of organic flow functions "electro-concentrate" only stable force. Today the men are on track to create their own sun. The Sun is the center of force lasting and permanent. You turned into centers perennial or permanent Suns "turn this world into something very pleasant way of existing and living.

So on this page, I will give you many galactic tips to help improve Golden Energy, Health, Beauty and fill them with much love.

  I love you all.

  Granny Galactic.

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